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I have sent resume to amazom three times. Because time is limited to do the inter, HR just do not give me the interview chance. This time, summer vaction is coming, so I get the chance to do a interview. Later in that day, Youdao offer me a front-end engineer and this make me feel complicated. Youdao's HR ask me to make decision right now, and I promised I will sign it.

First Interview

I get there late for 10mins...

  • Introduce yourelf in English.
  • Introduce a project and tell the detials.
  • Do you know how browser apply a web page.(I answer No)
  • Coding qusetion.

    There is a matrix. In this matrix 0 means wather, and 1 means land. If a land's adjacent (up, down, left, right) point is land to we treat them a same land. How many different lands here in the matrix. This problem is just suit for me, I like brute-force search. I give him a DFS answer. He did not find any bugs, but he ask me to improve it. I give him a improvement with a little pruning. After he tell me maybe I do not need to search every for directions, which is proved wrong when I am on my way to school.

  • Any question for him?

    I ask him what his team is doing. He said that he was developing something for the logistic platfrom.

Second Interview

This guy was a developing manager.

  • Tell something about the project of ONS.(This project was a little funny)
  • Which proble language you used most often?
  • How long will it take if you learn how to build a server with Java?
  • Algorithm... How many times will the hour, minute, second hands meet in eachDay.

    I told him this is a chasing problem. I give him the equations. Caculate out the time when hour and minute hands meet, and the time minute and second hands meet, then sharp them up will get the answer.

  • How to caculate the angle between hour and minute hands while giving the hour, minute and second?

    I told hime how to caculate it. He said what I am thinking is right, but he did not know the ecact answer.

  • Any questions for him?

    We talked about the team he was in, and what is his team doing. It's FBA team and sounds good.

  • Induction time?

    Beacuse I promised youdao first, so I said I will be a little late to induct. During that talk I said I would do fulltime to work after October except somedays to do some interviews. He was wondering that why more interviews? I said for job. He ask me what's the different with this?(I just do not want to refuse you when you give me an offer,so...)

Summrize of applying for intern

Companies applied: Youdao, google, hulu, mirosoft, amazon, yahoo, morgon stanley, MSCI, alibaba, tencent.

Involved in interview: Youdao(twice thank you very much), amzon(sorry), morgon stanley, MSCI, alibaba(Xk the interviewer), technet.

Offer get: MSCI, morgon stanley(pity), Youdao.

During these days. I have made a lot of mistakes and lost a lot chances. Job huntting is coming now, I write this page to courage myself and my best friends.


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