Facebook phone interview

Facebook phone interview


When I get the information FB is hiring someone in China, I send my resume to them. A week latter, a HR send me a Email and ask me to talk online. After that talk, I knew I was the first one applying for FB this year in China. That talk does not contain too much thing, just arrange my interview and ask for some personal infomations.

Fist phone interview

I was asked the following questions.

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Do you use facebook very often?(I just sign in facebook for a week at that time...) I said not much often, and I use renren more often(The interviewer seems do not know rerne...).
  • If you join FB, what will you change the facebook?(This is a typical question they always ask.) I said I need to learn much more, after that I may change something.
  • So, what will you change renren, if you join the renren's team? I said I will change the UI.
  • Coding question. A problem from leetcode, not hard, but I made a little mistake. She pointed it out, and I fixed it quickly. Then she asked me the complexity of time and spce.
After this question, it's my turn to ask her. I ask her two questions.
  • What is your team?
  • What's your job in your team?
After that, I make an apologize for that small bug. She said it's ok and it's already a high score. An hour latter, HR send me a email to arrange the second interview.

After the first interview, something changed in my mind, and I think I was defeated by this finally. I thought I can get the job, and began to YY... So, I finished leetcode in one week and the second interview is coming.

Second phone interview

The network seems not good on that day. I waste a lot time to fix the net work. And that guy who was interviewing me seems not an American(after I found hime in facebook and he is an American indeed.) and sounds like a A3. I was asked some questions below:

  • Introduce the technology which you are good at. If you join FB, what do you want to do in FB.(typical question)
  • Why do you want to join facebook?(typical question)
  • Coding test I. Return the index of the max element in a vector, if there are several results, return them in the same probability. I resolved it quickly using space complexity O(n) and time complexity O(n). He ask me to improve the space complexity. I figure it out quickly.
  • Coding test II. This is why I failed. A problem from leetcode. At first I said it could be resolved by DFS, but he said he did not know what is DFS. After that he asked me to write the code.
    • During writting I changed my mind, I told him I would using dynamic programing, and he seemed do not understand too....After I finshed coding, he asked me why I resolved it like this. I was too nervous at that time, and I messed it up.
    • He asked me some details about my solution and I did not know how to explain at that time.
    • He asked me a sample of that problem and I made a wrong explain.
    • He asked me about complexity of time and spce, I gave hime a right answer.
    • He asked me to save the space complexity, I figure it out quickly.
    • At last, he gave me another sample and asked me what does look like? I said Fibonacci. He asked me what is the general term of Fibonacci, I said I don't know.
After that, it's my turn to ask him questions. I asked him two questions:
  • The most exciting thing you have done in FB.
  • What is your career plan in future time.
Half a month latter, I was told that I was failed because my English. The HR advice me to improve my English and she will give me one more chance next year.


I have some advices to those who want to have a try in FB.

  • Read what HR send you carefully, it is a wonderful guide to interview in FB.
  • Work hard on coding.
  • Try to explain your code in English and make other understand you.
  • Prepare the typical questions.
  • Treate every interview as challenge and do not think too much.(This is why I did well in Amazon but failed in FB.)

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