Baidu full time interview

Baidu full time interview

Interview One

  • Introduce yourself briefly.
  • Introduce the work in your laboratory.
  • What's the different between sync and async?
  • Waht's the event mechanism in Linux?*
  • What about pure vitual function? What is it used to do?*
  • What about the smart-pointer? Can you write one?
  • What about the competation of TianMao Recommedation Algorithm?
  • How to debugging the map-reduce program in linux locally?*

Interview Two

  • Descript the algorithm detail in competation of TianMao Recommendation Algorithm?
  • Connect the node with next-pointer to the next node in the same level. What's the time complexity and space complexity?
  • Find the median of an unsorted array.
  • Some points lie on the xAxis, and here is a line of length L, figure the maximum points this line colud cover.(This question hava a solution of time-complexity in O(n) and I only give him a O(n*n) and O(nlogn) and an incomplete O(n) solution)*
  • Predict the income of a user of Baidu? What kind of data do you need? Is this a classification or a regression problem?*


This interview shows a lot of problems. The questions followed with "*" were not answered well. The most important thing is if I want find some job in Chinese Internet companies, I need to read some thing more than data structure & algorithms. If I want to do something of data-mining and mechine-learning, I need to read some books.

F**k the second interview and his smells!
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