morgan stanly fulltime interview

morgan stanly fulltime interview

See you then Shanghai!

Sitting in the plane form Shanghai back to Beijing, it's a little bit tired. I think I do not do well in today's miniAC interview. The interview contains a lot things, like object oriented, algorithms, intelligence, and system design. If I can not get the offer, I think it's because I did not finished the object orented question well. Before two interviews, there is a writing test.

writing test

There a two kinds of items in morgan. One is application and the other one is boundle.

  • Application contains a mark of whether it could run in win7, and contain a path of its installer.
  • Boundle contains a mark like application has. Besides it contains one or more applications or one or more Boundles.
There are four questions.
  1. Write classes show their relationships.
  2. There is a list and we want to get all the installer needed.
  3. Get the installers in question2 with out duplicates.
  4. Get the installers in question2 which can not run in win7

Interview 1

I was been asked some questions below.

  • Talk about my writing test, and fix some design and functional bugs.*
  • Why you did not join in the internship.
  • Write a copy constructor of STL string and fix a bug.*
  • Why should destructor function should be vitrual function?
  • What's the different between vitrual abstruct class and absruct class?
  • Three tiger mothers and their chinden want to cross the river. There is a boat can only hold two tigers. If the baby tiger stay without its mother but with other tiger mother, it will be eaten by other tiger mothers. How can they cross the river safely.

Interview 2

  • What are you asked in preview interview?
  • Introduce yourself.
  • There is an array contains some objects. Each object has an attribute of age. The value of age is 1,2 or 3.Sort the array using time complexity O(N), and space complexity O(1).
  • There is a supermarket, on the rack, each cell contains one item. There is a lot kind and items. The boss want to sell those items by their producted time. Design a system using uml and object orented.


After all, I have tried my best. I figure out most of the questions, but maybe the interviewer did not feel so good. If I missed this, it's really a pity. However I wish every friends can get a good offer.

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