Yahoo Beijing full time interview

Yahoo Beijing full time interview

Good bye September

This maybe the most tough time in my job hunting. In the early september, we can ask two days off for interview. At the same time we should keep the work in laboratory moving on. Also, I need to go to company for the inter-ship. Orz... After pass the google's coding interview, I failed a lot writting tests. Luckly I got the call from yahoo, onsite come on!

Firt interview

I was asked some questions.

  • Introduce one of your project, and is there any good technology?
  • Word reverse, in leetcode.
  • The most new problem in leetcode.
  • *There are N files in hadoop, each file has 3 copies. We assuming that if every file has one or more copies is complete, We think the whole system is fine. Now there are M broken copies, get the probability of the system is fine.

Second interview

  • *API in javascript, named str.replace...
  • *Some thing about Node.js, and if there is a long connection, what will happen next?
  • Inorder traverse a binary tree without using recursive way. *What about use O(1) extera space.

Third interview

After two hours' waiting, the third one came.

  • Describe a project using English.
  • There is a vector, you need to multiply the up, so how may ways you multiply them?
  • Wht do you want to do in yahoo?
  • *In the game 2048, each time there is only one 2 appear, so what's the max score?


One important thing: do not write the coding problem so quickly, or there may be some brain pazzle. It is really not cool. After all they told me I passed the interview, and I may be offered. This looks the best ending of the suck September. October is coming, and ther are a lot zombies coming. Hurry up, and keep fighting!

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